Hi my name is Bill and I found I had enough of the irregular time at uni and the administrative nonsense that seemed more important than helping me to learn. So I have been trying the MAANZ course.

I would like to thank MAANZ for their outstanding learning resources. Your online courses have helped me refresh my skills, learn new skills and formalise skills that I have learnt "on the job". The MXpress courses provide people with an affordable and flexible means for pursuing further study. The course material is of an exceptional standard. I found it interesting to read, useful and relevant. I would also like to thank MAANZ for their support and exemplary customer service.
Darren Tollemache

Excellent and truly useful notes on marketing planning. Very good value!
Bianca Young

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International Marketing Planning
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International Marketing Planning
16 Pages

Importance of Planning
Domestic versus International Planning
Short-Range Planning
Elements of the Marketing Plan
Developing Plans for Individual Markets Level of Involvement
The Plan for the National Market
Division of Labor in International Planning
International Coordination of National Plans
Comparative Analysis for International Planning
Comparative Analysis for Export Market Planning
Long-Range Planning Some Distinctions
Time Span
The Link of Long to Short
The Long-Range Planning Process Situation Analysis
Setting Objectives
Formulating Strategies
Organisational Participation
Further Readings

International Market Structure Profile Analysis: A Systematic Approach to Assessing Growth Opportunities in the International Marketplace*

Planning activities represent an expenditure of company resources. Such an expenditure can be justified only if the benefits outweigh the costs. Although the benefits of planning are hard to quantify, they are nonetheless real. For one thing, the costs of planning are small relative to operating costs in foreign markets, which means that a small improvement in effectiveness or a new opportunity uncovered can easily offset the costs of planning. Furthermore, the costs of planning can be compared to the costs of insuring against serious errors or missed opportunities in the marketplace. Being first down the road is of little advantage if the road runs in the wrong direction. Planning aids in the selection of the roads that lead to company goals. The need for planning is thus twofold: first, to avoid errors in the market, and second, to recognise opportunities and challenges.

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