Hi my name is Bill and I found I had enough of the irregular time at uni and the administrative nonsense that seemed more important than helping me to learn. So I have been trying the MAANZ course.

I would like to thank MAANZ for their outstanding learning resources. Your online courses have helped me refresh my skills, learn new skills and formalise skills that I have learnt "on the job". The MXpress courses provide people with an affordable and flexible means for pursuing further study. The course material is of an exceptional standard. I found it interesting to read, useful and relevant. I would also like to thank MAANZ for their support and exemplary customer service.
Darren Tollemache

Excellent and truly useful notes on marketing planning. Very good value!
Bianca Young

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Global Marketing Planning: Global strategy
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Global Marketing Planning: Global strategy
19 Pages

Global strategy - a conceptual framework
What kind of global plan?
Current planning practices
Customising global marketing
Planning in the global enterprise
Requirements for a successful global marketing plan
Grouping world markets for product planning
Developing a marketing plan . Guideline for cultural analysis.
Guideline for economic analysis
Guideline for a market audit and competitive market analysis
I Guideline for a preliminary marketing plan
Key terms index

A strategic plan is based on an assessment of the environment, the organisation, and the values of organisation stakeholders. By pulling together information from all sources, the planners must identify key assumptions about major trends, customers, competitors, and governments. This analysis and identification of facts and key assumptions leads to an assessment of opportunities, threats, and trends. The fact that this is the way it should be done does not mean that it is always done this way. For example, Juan Trippe, the former chief executive officer of Pan American, was famous for not conducting market studies before making company decisions about equipment purchases. According to one observer, Trippe "would not have looked at market analysis. There was no planning department in Pan Am. Trippe sat in his corner office, made plans, and then made them come true."

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