Hi my name is Bill and I found I had enough of the irregular time at uni and the administrative nonsense that seemed more important than helping me to learn. So I have been trying the MAANZ course.

I would like to thank MAANZ for their outstanding learning resources. Your online courses have helped me refresh my skills, learn new skills and formalise skills that I have learnt "on the job". The MXpress courses provide people with an affordable and flexible means for pursuing further study. The course material is of an exceptional standard. I found it interesting to read, useful and relevant. I would also like to thank MAANZ for their support and exemplary customer service.
Darren Tollemache

Excellent and truly useful notes on marketing planning. Very good value!
Bianca Young

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Sales Promotion
Full Power Point Lecture plus 40 Pages of Reference Notes highlighting the following-
What Is Sales Promotion?; The Scope And Role Of Sales Promotion; Sales Promotion Objectives; What sales promotion can do:; What sales promotion cannot do:; The Growth Of Sales Promotion; Reasons for the Increase in Sales Promotion; The Growing Power Of Retailers; Declining Brand Loyalty; Increased Promotional Sensitivity; Brand Proliferation; Fragmentation Of The Consumer Market; Short-Term Focus; Increased Accountability In addition to pressuring their marketing or brand managers and sales force to produce short-term results, many companies are demanding to know what they are getting for their promotional expenditures. Sales promotion is more economically accountable than advertising. In companies struggling to meet their sales and financial goals, top management is demanding measurable, accountable ways to relate promotional expenditures to sales and profitability. Part of the pay managers receive depends on the sales a promotion generates relative to its costs.; Competition; Clutter; Concerns about the Increased Role of Sales Promotion; Consumer Franchise-Building versus Non-franchise-Building Promotions; Factors Influencing The Use And Form Of Sales Promotion; Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotion; Objectives of Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotion; Obtaining Trial And Repurchase; Increasing Consumption Of An Established Brand; Defending Current Customers; Targeting A Specific Market Segment; Enhancing Advertising And Marketing Efforts; Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotion Techniques; Sampling; Benefits And Limitations Of Sampling; Sampling Methods; Other Methods Of Sampling; Couponing; Advantages And Limitations Of Coupons; Coupon Distribution; Methods of Distribution:; Direct mail; Premiums; .;Direct Premiums:; Free Premiums; Self-Liquidating Premiums; Free Mail In Premiums:; Continuity Coupon Premiums:; Guidelines for Premium Selection:; Contests and Sweepstakes; Problems With Contests And Sweepstakes; Consumer Deals; Refunds and Rebates; Evaluating Refunds And Rebates; Bonus Packs; Price-Off Deals; Point Of Purchase Displays; Middleman Viewpoint; Consumer Viewpoint; Event Sponsorship; Packaging; Sales Promotion To Dealers And Sales Personnel; Co-operative Advertising; Contests; Sales Meetings; Brochures; Trade Shows and Exhibits; Trade-Oriented Sales Promotion; Sales Promotion to Middlemen; Objectives of Trade-Oriented Sales Promotion; Obtain Distribution For New Products; Maintain Trade Support For Established Brands; Encourage Retailers To Display Established Brands; Build Retail Inventories; Types of Trade-Oriented Promotions; Contests And Incentives; Trade Allowances; Buying Allowances; Promotional Allowances; Slotting Allowances; Problems with Trade Allowances; Displays And Point-Of-Purchase Materials; Sales Training Programs; Trade Shows; Cooperative Advertising; Coordinating Sales Promotion And Advertising; Budget Allocation; Co-ordination of Ad and Promotion Themes; Media Support and Timing; Sales Promotion Abuse;

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