Hi my name is Bill and I found I had enough of the irregular time at uni and the administrative nonsense that seemed more important than helping me to learn. So I have been trying the MAANZ course.

I would like to thank MAANZ for their outstanding learning resources. Your online courses have helped me refresh my skills, learn new skills and formalise skills that I have learnt "on the job". The MXpress courses provide people with an affordable and flexible means for pursuing further study. The course material is of an exceptional standard. I found it interesting to read, useful and relevant. I would also like to thank MAANZ for their support and exemplary customer service.
Darren Tollemache

Excellent and truly useful notes on marketing planning. Very good value!
Bianca Young

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Why Study Marketing?

After considering the definition of marketing, one can understand some of the obvious reasons why the study of marketing is relevant. In this section we discuss several perhaps less obvious reasons why one should study marketing.

The marketing field offers a variety of interesting and challenging career opportunities, such as personal selling, advertising, packaging, transport, storage, marketing research, product development, wholesaling, and retailing. In addition, many individuals who work for non-business organisations engage in marketing activities. Marketing skills are used to promote political, cultural, church, civic, and charitable activities. Whether a person earns a living through marketing activities or performs them without compensation in non-business settings, marketing knowledge and skills are valuable assets.

A business organisation must sell products to survive and to grow. Directly or indirectly, marketing activities help sell an organisations products. By doing so, they generate financial resources that can be used to develop innovative products. New products allow a firm to better satisfy customers' changing needs, which in turn enables the firm to generate more profits.

Our highly complex economy depends heavily on marketing activities. They help produce the profits that are essential not only to the survival of individual businesses, but also to the health and ultimate survival of the economy as a whole. Profits are essential to economic growth because without them businesses find it difficult, if not impossible, to buy more raw materials, hire more employees, attract more capital, and create the additional products that in turn make more profits.

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